Lip dubbin, across the universe

It’s currently 32 degrees in Western Australia today and the start of the Australia Day long weekend.

This typically means most people embark on a 3 day weekend consisting of BBQs, beer and only visiting friends who either own a pool or have air conditioning.

And if you’re between the age of 15-45 it also usually means listening to the Hottest100 countdown on TripleJ.


But the extra day does mean I’ve got a little more time to browse the #etmooc blogs and yesterday evening I sent in my 10 second lipdub clip which is a bit of a side project this week. I was thinking initially that I wanted to show more of the outdoors but only using a phone camera made it rather difficult to film. So it was short and dirty.

Still, kinda curious to find out how long it’s going to take to edit together. I was secretly hoping that maybe there was some MAGIC tool that would automatically mix it all together if you arranged the clips one after one another; kind of like a DJ mix of one track to the other. But it’s all about timing isnt it?

Still, a fun task this week and a nice way to nurture this online community.


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